Fake Euros

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Buy fake Euro notes at our store and become economically independent in one click. We offer fake money for sale in the currencies that have a great value. This thing is, some countries have a currency so debased that you will have to print millions of banknotes to gain anything of value. Some Middle Eastern money, for instance, worth a hundred times less than a dollar does. There’s just no point in making this kind of money.

Special Paper

In order to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting money and also to increase the lifespan, the government our special paper. because we order paper in big amounts its possible to do any customization that’s required.


Take a look at the note in front of the backlight to see the real watermark. other counterfeiters dont have the ability to produce their own paper so they usually print the watermark with special ink or dont think about it at all. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a real looking watermark on a note once the paper is dried.

Security Thread

Once you take a look at the note in front of some backlight you will see the security thread. Also, the microstamping is readable from both sides.


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