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Wondering if you can get certificates without sitting for an exam? We counsel students for their higher education abroad to USA – UK – NEW ZEALAND – FRANCE – EUROPE & Dubai depending on the programs for the students based on their relevant qualifications. We have placed more than 7000 students abroad since 1997 from Undergraduate to Masters, Postgraduate studies & Doctorate programs.
Any student aspiring to go to the United States for their higher education has to take up GRE and TOEFL exams if they are opting for master’s programs, SAT and TOEFL if they are planning for undergraduate programs. Also, getting admission is no way an assurance of a gateway to USA. Every student has to undergo a visa interview at the US consulate available in their respective countries.GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT & SAT  tests are looked upon as eligibility criteria.

Why Choose Us

Career Guidance • Top University Selections • Country Selections • SOP Corrections • Mock Visa Sessions • Assured Admissions • Course Selections • Professional Guidance • Transparent Processing • Visa Guidance

1. Applications to Top Universities based on the eligibility.
3. Selection of Top Universities based on the specialization opted by the student.
5. 100% Choice of Universities given to Top academic students only.
7. Students with low grades are given 2 Universities’ choice out of 6 universities.
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2. Professional guidance provided for international universities
4. 100% Assured admissions to the satisfaction of the student.
6. We do not apply to low-level Universities. [Please Note This].
8. Fill applications & Visa Training Classes to ensure 100% Visa Success.

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